Rabbithole Resources

Rabbit hole Resources

this list is growing so feel free to leave recommendations below

Free Resources:


Eric Wilding's Poetic Journey of a soul, through darkness and light, searching for meaning and love : The-Mysticry.pdf (squarespace.com)

Eve: A Novel by William Paul Young - Audiobook on  YouTube

Other Podcasts or Videos

Throne Room Mystic

Matt Spinks - YouTube

John Crowder - YouTube

Joseph Prince - YouTube

C. Baxter Kruger - YouTube

Practical Christology - YouTube

Dynamic Love Ministries - YouTube

Graham Cooke - YouTube

Documentaries that will blow your mind:

Transformations. Full Documentary - The Power of Unity, Prayer and Fasting

Transformations II : The Glory Spreads,

Is Genesis History? - Watch the Full Film - YouTube

Noah's Ark Discovered Documentary

Foundational Teaching for every believer: Foundation Pt1 (Blood Covenant),Foundation Pt2 ,Foundation Pt3

Actually good christian music:

John Mark Pantana - YouTube

Brian Shilts & The High Country River Drinkers - YouTube

remaining in the vine - YouTube

Eikon - Topic - YouTube

Isla Vista Worship - Topic - YouTube

Love Note - YouTube

LOVKN - YouTube

Allie Paige - YouTube

Resources to Buy


The Mysticry - Kindle edition by Dr. Eric Wilding

William P. Young: The Shack, Eve:A Novel, Lies We Believe About God, Cross Roads

John Crowder's books: Mystical Union, Cosmos Reborn, The Ecstasy of Loving God, Money.Sex.Beer.God, Chosen For Paradise, The New Mystics, Seven Spirits Burning

Matt Spinks -High on God: There's No High Like The Most High

Love Secrets - by John Mark Pantana 

The Passion Translation – The Bible For A New Generation

Mirror Bible


Father of Lights ,Holy Ghost ,Holy Ghost Reborn ,Finger of God, Finger of God 2

Christ in You - The Movie

Free Burma Rangers