March 20, 2022

God doesn't want obligatory servitude! with Jared Gustafson

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Jared is a powerhouse of love! He works in the ER, was an EMT for 7 years, he's been to the deep bush of Mozambique and the slums of Kenya all just to be with people in their darkest most painful and fear-filled moments because he knows the power of God's love and Christs finished work on the cross for all of humanity isn't a good idea, its the good truth! 
Join Audrey and Jared as they discuss how powerful vulnerability is with others and especially the Trinity! How God doesn't want our obligatory servitude, rather he is inviting us to dance with him and enjoy him in the Super Natural day to day life.

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Jared GustafsonProfile Photo

Jared Gustafson

Gospel preacher, social worker, medical professional, political activist