April 3, 2022

Ep.9 - Love is a person & we are all united in Him w/ Eric Wilding

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Diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities throughout all his grade school years, Eric Wilding, now has multiple masters degrees and is a retired professor! Join us as he shares his miraculous story of God healing his disabilities, how he was raised in a strict cult and we dive into the depths of how God is love, we are one with Him and eachother as the body of Christ.
So much goodness to eat and drink! Thank you Jesus! And check out his beautifully poetic book "The Mysticry". It's truly amazing and will make your heart dance!
Agapedox Ministries (ericwilding.org)

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music is from a movie clip and remixed "In your eyes" by Peter Gabriel


Eric WildingProfile Photo

Eric Wilding

Minister, Author, Professor

For Agapedox Ministries, Dr. Eric Wilding travels the world as a Christian minister.
Eric was born with multiple severe learning disabilities; he struggled and failed through his school years. At the time of baptism in his twenties, Jesus healed Eric of the learning disabilities. By this grace, Eric was able to go on gain a bachelor’s degree in Literature, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education, and bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Theology. He has authored books and articles and has been a professor of Theology at two seminaries. He taught in a college for 26 years. (See Eric’s testimony on his website).
However, Eric is not merely academic in his orientation, but relational, preferring to live out of the Spirit rather than the brain. In an encounter, he heard Abba Father say, “I have given you a brain transplant. I have taken out your brain and replaced it with my heart.” The gospel is simple; it transforms minds, hearts and lives.
Eric regularly ministers, teaches, and equips people in public places through Word and Spirit. He also writes and performs spiritual songs. His heart is for all people to know and experience their identity within the intimate, radical love of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit.