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March 4, 2023

Ep.31 Lavished Love - Audrey & John read Ephesians 1

Join Audrey and John as they delve into one of the most uplifting and inspiring passages of the Bible: Ephesians 1. In this episode, they read through this powerful chapter, which speaks of how God has lavished His love and superabundant grace on us, and how His love cascades over us.. As they read, Audrey and John highlight the significance of the multifaceted treasures of redemption that God has given us, and how this highlights the incredible depth of His love for us. As they explore this passage, Audrey and John also discuss the contrast between God and Smog, and how God is unlike Smog, who jealously guards his treasure and doesn't allow anyone to touch it but God longs for us to come to Him and experience His treasures of redeeming love and grace for ourselves. This episode is a beautiful reminder of just how much God loves us and the lengths to which He has gone to redeem us. So, relax and let the love of God wash over you like a paradise waterfall.
Music for this episode:
I have written permission from both artists.
Intro music is "I will follow" by Eikon
Outro music is "No Sweeter Love: by Allie Paige

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