May 15, 2022

Ep.14 Abiding in Jesus leads to all fruitfulness in life w/ Kris Kildosher

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Kris Kildosher attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and travels the world in adventure with His Father sharing the gospel and activating communities to live life infused with the power of Holy Spirit.  The love of God in Christ Jesus is His primary message and transformational encounters,  miracles, and healings happen everywhere he travels.
Be encouraged today as Audrey and Kris share about  overcoming the burden to perform miracles all the time and to find a balance through intimate fellowship with Jesus, which leads to all fruitfulness in life and how delighting ourselves in Him always leads us into serving others in His true love.
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I have permission from the Artist and owner to use the songs in the intro and outro
The song is "You Move Me" by Eikon