July 2, 2022

Ep. 19 Gospel Joy Power w/ Matt Spinks

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Join me and Matt Spinks as he shares his story and how he went from begging God to "open the flood gates of heaven" to realizing that Jesus opened the heavens! He split the veil from top to bottom to be with us and to release heaven on earth!
We’ve been friends with him and his wife  for over 10 years. They travel all over the world sharing the good and blissful gospel with their ministry called The Firehouse Projects , they have an orphanage and trekking lodge in Nepal, a youtube channel called YOUAREGODS , with hundreds of videos that you can sink your teeth into to soak up truths about the finished work of what Jesus did on the cross and in his resurrection. They have nightlyPrayer Partieson zoom and youtube live that are hosted by different people from all over the world.  Click on those topics above if you want to check them out!

Join the Jesus' Wonderland Discord Server to join in conversations about episodes and other mystical union topics https://discord.gg/u2CcWUN6DE 

I have permission to use this music by Eikon: 
Intro song is "I Will Follow You" Outro song is "You Move Me"

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Matt SpinksProfile Photo

Matt Spinks

Minister, Author, Teacher, Apostle

Matt & Katie Spinks have ministered the Gospel full time since 2008. They are relatively unlearned ordinary friends who encountered Christ's Finished Work and the Glory of God and have found themselves by Grace exploring wonderful mystic secrets! Matt & Katie have two wonderful children, Samuel and Rainbow. They are focused on family and community in their local region, as well as sharing this Good News online, and throughout the world.