I used to be a gothic agnostic who tried really hard to experience the spiritual realm that I grew up hearing about in movies, books and from many people throughout my life. I tried anything as long as it wasn’t Jesus. So, I ventured down a few different avenues like Wicca and Shamanism; used ouija boards and tarot cards but everything I tried seemed to be missing something. So, then I gave up and became an atheist. Then in 2008, at 19, after marrying my best friend just to become a widow 3 weeks later my life came tumbling down. Just when I wanted life to end, I had a supernatural encounter that altered my life forever and sent me floating blissfully down the rabbit hole into a world filled with wonder. Jesus is who I encountered, and His love-light is what scattered the darkness from my life and awakened me to the things my heart had always yearned for. My name is Audrey, Many people have suggested I start a podcast so here I am sharing the cake and drink, the bread and wine of Jesus’s wonderland . In these episodes, you’ll hear me and my guests share about mystical realities, symbolism in media, and unraveling religious mindsets to build up your faith in who you are in Christ and what He has done for you, not what you can do for him.